Cato and Lucky

Cato and Lucky

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I've Been a Bad Girl! Again.

    I've been a bad girl again.  Every time one of my dads comes home I bark and bark and bark at him.  I am trying to scold him for leaving me and not taking me with him.  When my dad Kevin comes home and I bark at him he puts this muzzle on me and I really don't like it.  When this happens I go to my other dad, Steve and he usually takes it off after a couple of minutes. I never learn my lesson and I bark again whenever anybody comes home.  I also bark at every little noise outside and I bark for no reason at all sometimes. I'm just a bad girl, but I am cute, haha.

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  1. You should be a good cow dog and cut down on the barking, or else one of your dad's might get a small squirt bottle with water in it, and use you for target practice! Just ask one of my four cattle dogs, they only need to see the squirt bottle and it's like somebody hit a mute button.